Mäntsälän Kansalaisopisto
Vanha Porvoontie 19 04600 MÄNTSÄLÄ
Puh 040 314 5371 kansalaisopisto'@'mantsala.fi

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Mäntsälän kansalaisopisto - Mäntsälä Adult Education Centre

Adult Education Centres are educational institutions that offer general education for adults. According to law, the special objective of adult education centres is to fulfill regional and local educational needs as well as to offer opportunities for voluntary learning, increasing civics and improving every-man skills. The various topics in the curriculum are emphasized according to local and regional factors. The most popular subjects are foreign languages, music, arts and crafts. Adult Education Centres also take care of a great deal of the basic education of the arts for the children and the youth.

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Mon - Thu 9 am - 6 mp, Fri 9 am - 2 pm

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Mäntsälän kansalaisopisto - Mäntsälä Adult Education Centre

Address: Vanha Porvoontie 19, 04600 MÄNTSÄLÄ, FINLAND

Tel: +358 40 314 5371/5374 (Office)
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Internet: www.mantsalanopisto.fi
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You can find our curriculum here (in Finnish).


How to register

You can register on a course on the internet at Netti-ilmoittautuminen,  the on-line registration site, where you will also find the instructions for on-line registration (in Finnish). You can also register at the office (address: Vanha Porvoontie 19, Mäntsälä) or by phone +358 40 314 5371/5374.

Registration requires the student's full Finnish social security number for invoicing purposes. This should be taken into account if you are registering on behalf of another person. When the student is a minor, a parent's social security and contact information information must be registered in the invoicing information fields.  Registration is not possible without a full social security number. Students who have unpaid course fees cannot register. You cannot register by e-mail, text messages or via Facebook.

Registration should be done five working days before the course is due to start, in some cases even earlier than this, to ensure that the course start. The earlier registration days are in the printed an on-line curriculum. Courses are filled in the order of registration.
No invitation will be sent to the accepted students. However, if a course is cancelled or there are changes to the schedule, students are informed as soon as possible by text messages.



MAEC will send an invoice to every registered student after the course(s) have started. Cash is not accepted. By registering the student commits himself/herself to paying the course fee. Eventual complaints must be brought to the MAEC's attention within 14 days of the date of the invoice. After the due date, unpaid course fees are taken care of by a collection agency. 

Benefit Coupons - Smartum saldo, Smartum -liikuntaseteli, Smartum -kulttuuriseteli, Tyky-Kuntoseteli+/Tyly+, Edenred Virikeseteli, Edenred mobiilimaksu and ePassi

The coupons must be delivered by the student personally in the office within two weeks from the course start. Coupons are not accepted before course start.



Registration must be cancelled  five days before the course starts. The cancellation must be done at or to the Mäntsälä Adult Education Centre office. Course cancellation can also be done on-line providing that the registration has been done on-line (starting page, "Checking your registration and cancellation",  "Ilmoittautumisen tarkastaminen ja peruutus"). In case you cancellation is later than five days prior to course start, it must be done to or at the office.

An uncancelled course will be invoiced in full. An exception to this is, if a student cancel a course extending over a full academic year after only one meeting. In such a case a cancellation charge of 10 euros will be charged. The office must always be informed a cancellation, it is not enough to just let the teacher/instructor know. If a student is absent from more than four course meeting in a row, s/he should inform the office in order to not lose her/his place on the course to someone in a queue.  There is no refund of course fees.


Tailored Courses 

We provide tailored courses for businesses and other organisations.

Contact us for more information on courses in IT, languages, physical education, arts and crafts or first aid.

Courses can be arranged on our premises or at some other venue. Training can be arranged also in the evenings or at weekends - any time that is more convenient for your organisation's purposes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information: kansalaisopisto(@) mantsala.fi